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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Best. Dream. Ever.

So, that dream. Like I said, it was like a life-scarring nightmare. So it was pretty cool dream.

Well, anyways. I wake up in this backyard of a house. This backyard spans miles and never seems to end, and it's closed off by towering black hedges.
It's pitch-black outside (hey, did I mention I'm scared of the dark?) and complete silence. There's no wind, it's not hot, it's not cold. Everything feels empty.

I spot the house the backyard belongs to but I'm scared shitless of going inside of there so I don't even think about it. I just keep wandering about. It's not only pitch-black outside, but everything is colorless too. Flowers, bushes and foilage seem dead and warped in some weird way. Everything feels off.

As I keep walking I sometimes hear rustling in the bushes and spot some movement, but I just think it's the wind but then I realize; there is no wind.

After a while I start spotting these small pools of blood scattered about. I kneel down and touch the pool. It's still warm. I just shrug it off and keep walking. This repeats itself a few times until I start seeing that I'm being followed. Or more like someone or something is looking for me.

I just keep cool and walk slowly and try to see what's looking for me. I kinda make out a silhouette of a person but the proportions seem off. I just keep walking.

After a while I find myself in a basement of some sort. It's tiny and there's a pool of blood in the middle of the room. It's dripping from a small hole in the ceiling. I somehow manage to peek through that hole and see that thing that has been looking for me this entire time.

It looked almost completely featureless. It was pitch-black, blacker than anything else, and its' face was completely featureless except for two, huge, black, scary fucking eyes.

I almost start panicing but I calm down after I think about how small this hole is I'm peeking through is and there's no way that thing can see me.

That exact moment the thing looks at me and stares me straight in the eyes.

And I wake up.

Ever since I've been scared shitless of the dark.

The menacing slim nigger is waiting.

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